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About Us

We raise standards in the construction industry.

The Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (III FFC) is a nonprofit construction industry foundation, established to increase market share for responsible contractors, work opportunities for skilled workers, and value for taxpayers by executing a comprehensive program of procurement oversight, jobsite monitoring, market analysis, legal advocacy, and public policy education. The III FFC is guided by a board comprised of both labor and management trustees.

The III FFC Has Five Main Objectives:

Procurement Oversight

As soon as public projects are advertised for bid, we have staff perform procurement monitoring.

Market Share Analysis

We analyze the public construction market in Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa to promote criteria and policies that result in high road contracting.

Jobsite Monitoring

Trained Construction Analysts investigate public construction projects to determine whether violations ranging from misclassification of workers to wage violations are occurring. We monitor projects to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Legal Advocacy

We draft legislation and amendments that promote bidding opportunities for responsible contractors.

Public Policy Education

We provide education to government officials to help them understand the value of "high-road" construction laws, ordinances, and policies.

Our Team

Our Construction Analysts




Board of Trustees

Marshall Douglas Chairman Treasurer - IUOE Local 150
David Snelten Secretary President – Excavators, Inc.
James M. Sweeney Trustee President – Business Manager – IUOE Local 150
Jeff Horne Trustee Vice President - IUOE Local 150
Michael Kresge Trustee Recording-Corresponding Secretary - IUOE Local 150
David Fagan Trustee Financial Secretary - IUOE Local 150
Dan Aussem Trustee Executive Director - Illinois Valley Contractors Association
Ed Kocsis Trustee General Manager - Central Rent-A-Crane, Inc.
Keith Rose Trustee President - Rieth-Riley Construction Co.
Debra J. Toppert Trustee President - Toppert Jetting Service, Inc.
Marc R. Poulos Executive Director Executive Director – Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting