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Tinley Park Achieves Platinum RISE Certification

November 28, 2023

Village of Tinley Park Achieves Prestigious Platinum Level RISE Certification, Elevating Infrastructure Standards to New Heights

TINLEY PARK, IL – Last week, the Village of Tinley Park became the first public body in Illinois to achieve the Platinum level RISE Certification, a testament to the community’s commitment to excellence in public infrastructure and construction. The Raising Infrastructure Standards of Excellence (RISE) program recognizes and celebrates public bodies that go above and beyond in modernizing public construction practices, ensuring they meet the demands of the 21st century.

The Village of Tinley Park’s Platinum level certification signifies the highest level of commitment to advancing infrastructure standards. This accomplishment reflects the village’s dedication to fostering sustainable, resilient, and technologically advanced public construction projects that benefit the community at large. RISE Certification is available to any public body that spends money on public infrastructure or works on public works projects.

“Receiving the Platinum level RISE Certification is a momentous achievement for the Village of Tinley Park,” said Mayor Michael Glotz. “It underscores our ongoing commitment to excellence in infrastructure development and showcases our determination to meet the evolving needs of our community.”

Public bodies and communities pursuing RISE certification earn points for passing a series of ordinances and resolutions related to raising standards in the public construction industry. These ordinances and resolutions include a responsible bidder ordinance, capital improvement plan, advisory commission on labor and development, prevailing wage ordinance, and workers’ rights recognition.

Based on the number of points achieved, a community earns one of three RISE rating levels: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Achieving the Platinum level demonstrates not only compliance with industry standards but also a proactive approach to embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the public infrastructure industry.

Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting’s (III FFC) Governmental Affairs Director Jeremy Custer and Illinois Regional Manager Jodi Frailey presented the RISE certification at the November 21st Village Board Meeting. III FFC founded RISE Certification to recognize public bodies that have advanced public construction standards that bring value for taxpayers and support and hire local workers.

When presenting the certificate, Jeremy Custer stated, “In reviewing this application, I was blown away by your Village’s forward thinking and planning and how [Mayor Glotz’s] Administration is looking towards creating value for taxpayers and workers in Tinley Park. This RISE Certification demonstrates to the public that Tinley Park is a shining example of what a community can do when its policies advance excellence when it comes to infrastructure.”

The Village of Tinley Park was the first in the area to take the initiative to establish an advisory commission on labor and development in 2021. This alone sets the Village aside from neighboring towns and villages. Tinley Park’s advisory commission is the first stop for any construction or development in the village, reviewing all information on projects and then presenting its findings and recommendations to the Village President and Board of Trustees prior to the commencement of any construction. The mission of this group of experts is to formulate robust labor policies for public works construction and commercial development within the Village of Tinley Park. These policies aim to safeguard the interests of local workers, contractors, and taxpayers by promoting fair contracting practices. Tinley Park was also the first to pass the Workers’ Rights Resolution and they have one of the most comprehensive responsible bidding ordinances in practice. All of which is directly in line with what the III FFC had in mind when creating the RISE Program.

“Mayor Glotz, the Village Board, and the Administration should take great pride in your commitment to provide these standards of excellence with such foresight and forward thinking. In recognition of your dedication to taxpayers and workers, we are happy to present the very first Platinum RISE Certification to the Village of Tinley Park,” said Jodi Frailey.

The Village of Tinley Park sets a precedent for others to follow. This accomplishment reflects positively on the village’s accomplishments. The Village will be given a plaque to display at Village Hall.


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