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III FFC Celebrates Passage of Colona Responsible Bidder Ordinance

May 31, 2023

Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting Celebrates Passage of Colona Responsible Bidder Ordinance

Colona passes local ordinance to promote workforce development, protect local tax dollars


COLONA, IL – Last week, Colona City Council passed a local responsible bidder ordinance (RBO) in a 9-0 vote with Colona Mayor Donald Ropp casting the final vote.

A responsible bidder ordinance (RBO) is a resolution adopted into a public body’s procurement codes that specifies certain criteria that a contractor must meet in order to be eligible to perform work on behalf of that community. Ultimately, an RBO ensures that public projects are awarded to responsive and responsible contractors who employ skilled tradespeople, deliver the highest quality of work, and provide more taxpayer value than contractors who cut corners in the areas of training, labor, and safety.

“This is a big win for the entire Colona community,” said Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (III FFC) Regional Manager Andy Waeyaert. “Passing a Responsible Bidder Ordinance protects taxpayer dollars while spurring local economic growth and supporting good-paying jobs. Plus, the apprenticeship requirements in this RBO help create a highly trained workforce ready to partner with local businesses to meet the construction needs now and in the future. On behalf of the III FFC, we celebrate the passage of another RBO and thank Colona City Council and Mayor Ropp for their support in raising standards in the local construction industry.”

The Colona ordinance includes “5-for-5” apprenticeship language to encourage workforce development by requiring proof that contractors and subcontractors bidding on Colona public works projects are participating in US Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship training programs that have graduated at least five (5) apprentices in each of the past five (5) years for each of the construction crafts to be performed on the project.

III FFC was established to increase market share for responsible contractors, work opportunities for skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, and value for taxpayers. III FFC raises standards in the construction industry by advocating for responsible public policies that reward work, ensure business growth, and create broad-based prosperity. You can find out more about responsible bidder ordinances and the III FFC on our website at




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