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Alta Equipment Company – Providing Quality Equipment and Services to Contractors Building our Infrastructure

Spring/Summer 2023

With the upcoming construction season in full bloom, we would like to highlight an industry service provider that is just as important as contractors.  Alta Equipment Company is a heavy equipment machinery service provider who delivers machines and services that contractors need to build and maintain America’s infrastructure. Alta brings over 30 years of experience in service efficiency and fleet management to its customer base. The company offers innovative solutions to meet material handling and construction equipment needs in the industry.

Alta Equipment Company started as a single location in Detroit, Michigan before expanding to other locations across Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Illinois. They have now grown into a business that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ALTG) with a customer base that has expanded to 62 full-service locations throughout Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New England, New York, Northern Indiana, and Ohio.   As an industry leader, Alta Equipment Company sells, rents, and services a broad range of equipment.  This equipment includes cranes, dirt equipment, aerial equipment, forklifts, and more.

The company has one of the largest rental fleets – with over 10,000 units – and over 1,000 certified service technicians. In addition, Alta Equipment Company has over 700 road service vans and trucks that are ready to deliver high-quality service with guaranteed response time. With such a large fleet, Alta can deliver what contractors need, when they need it.

A member of the Alta team has said that what sets the firm apart is that “they are a service company that both sells and rents equipment.” Servicing equipment is a big part of the industry and immensely important on construction jobsites. Alta Equipment Company technicians fix numerous machines to get jobsites back up and running. They understand that downtime on any construction project impacts when the project gets complete and hurts the contractor, workers, and the customer (i.e., business or public body).

Alta employees have a team culture of providing quality services in a timely manner for contractor and their customers.  The company prides themselves on being a “service first company” – building customers for life. If you would like to learn more about Alta Equipment Company, you can view their website at

III FFC would like to thank Alta Equipment Company for the quality service they provide to our area and our signatory contractors who build and maintain America’s infrastructure in the Midwest.

From the Spring/Summer 2023 Issue of The Monitor.