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Marc Poulos Appointed to Blue-Ribbon Commission

III FFC Executive Director Appointed by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker

COUNTRYSIDE, IL – Marc Poulos, Executive Director of the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (III FFC), was appointed to the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Wednesday.

“I am proud to sit on this commission that is tasked with studying the ongoing need to maintain and improve our roads, bridges, and public transportation throughout the state of Illinois.  As a member of this commission, I’ll be focusing on what infrastructure projects are crucial to invest in for Illinois and the Chicago region – like the I-290 Blue Line Reconstruction Project,” said Poulos.

The Blue-Ribbon Commission on Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Policy was established by legislation introduced in 2022 by Senator Ram Villivalam.  Signed into law in May 2022, Senate Bill 1233 creates the commission to seek out alternative funding mechanisms for projects and operations.  The commission is also tasked with researching current and future workforce needs, safety improvements, racial equity, and how to expand multi-modal transportation networks.

“I am committed to working with other members of this commission to find innovative ways to improve our transportation infrastructure funding.  We must continue to invest in necessary infrastructure projects that not only increase safety and accessibility to all Illinoisans, but also generate economic growth for our communities,” said Poulos.