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III FFC Implements Drone Training

January 7, 2019

One of the main objectives of our field operations is jobsite monitoring. Through our monitoring capabilities, the III FFC compiles a comprehensive analysis of projects throughout our three-state jurisdiction. To increase our capabilities of utilizing the most effective techniques available in the field of labor-management, the III FFC sent seven Construction Analysts to Local 150’s Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program (“ASIP”) in Wilmington, Illinois to learn how to operate a drone.

Each of our teams from Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa sent two field staff to the training so that we would have a drone pilot and watchman working together on projects. Our Illinois team sent two of our recent hires, Steff Perez and Thomas Haley. The Indiana team sent Assistant Director, Myron Sutton and Construction Analyst, Jeffrey Phillips. Lastly, our Iowa and western Illinois team sent Construction Analysts, Dylan Parker and Andrew Waeyaert. Michael Lingl, one of III FFC’s Assistant Directors focusing on special projects also joined the training so that he can assist Construction Analysts in the field as needed.

ASIP, Local 150 offers two drone courses-Drone Level I and II. The first course aims at teaching students the fundamentals of operating a drone and the rules and regulations that must be followed when flying a drone. Throughout the intense five-day training, Construction Analysts met on site at seven in the morning to begin going over information needed to pass the Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR part 107 test. The training consisted of reading aviation charts, learning to interpret weather maps as well as going over federal regulations drone operators must follow.

While on site, Construction Analysts also got an opportunity for more hands-on learning and interactions with various models of drone aircraft as well as getting the opportunity to fly as a team. During this part of the course, one-person piloting and their partner operating the camera controls as a visual observer for the pilot. After the course, all III FFC Construction Analysts passed the FAA 14 course to receive their drone license. This is a license that needs to be renewed every two years to continue to

The incredible ASIP Local 150 training site provided the class with a covered an area that the team could utilize and train in to get real world training In the spring, the Construction Analysts who attended Drone Level I will go back for the second course to learn the art of flying drones in construction zones.