The III FFC is a nonprofit construction industry foundation, established to increase market share for responsible contractors, work opportunities for skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, and value for taxpayers by executing a comprehensive program of procurement oversite, jobsite monitoring, market analysis, and public policy education. The III FFC is guided by a board comprised of both labor and management trustees. We raise standards in the construction industry.



The III FFC utilizes various tools to determine which contractors are bidding on projects. When a questionable contract or contractor is found, notices are sent to the contractor and the public body indicating that the III FFC may monitor the project to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal construction laws.


III FFC is a repository for information about construction projects and users of contractor services. Information is also provided about Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon requirements to help ensure projects are appropriately bid and awarded. Additionally, III FFC informs public bodies and contracting agencies about unfair contractors. III FFC works to educate workers and contractors on public works projects so that they know and apply the appropriate wages and fringe benefits.


Trained Construction Analysts investigate public construction projects to determine whether violations ranging from misclassification of workers to wage violations are occurring. Construction Analysts make observations such as the number of workers on a job, the classifications in which they are working, worker hours and overtime, and relevant safety regulations. If possible violations are noted, action will be taken to report or correct the shortcomings. Construction Analysts utilize tools such as detailed reporting forms, pictures, and videos to document cases.


Complaints filed with the III FFC may include referrals from contractors, affected workers or other sources. This information is evaluated and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency such as state & federal departments of labor, OSHA, departments of public health, the IRS, departments of employment security, the EEOC, etc. Detailed information from monitors aid these agencies in investigating and prosecuting violators.


III FFC maintains regular contact with the appropriate agencies to see that all cases are handled in a timely manner and that an appropriate resolution is reached. The III FFC will continue dialogue with the complaining party, the user agency, or the public body regarding results of agency actions. In addition, the III FFC will also follow up with outside information agencies to assure that the public is made aware of any issues of taxpayer mistrust.

Through these activities, the III FFC enhances the job market for responsible contractors and ensures the fair payment of wages to employees, keeping a level playing field available to all. For more information, please contact the III FFC at 815.254.3332 or email us at [email protected]

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