This page is intended to help anyone interested in the laws that govern prevailing wage workers, contractors, and public bodies, and how to protect those rights as a contractor or a worker.


The National Alliance for Fair Contracting is a national organization dealing primarily with issues of contracting and employment in the construction field. NAFC and its member organizations from around the country help workers, contractors, and public officials with questions regarding the laws, rules and regulations covering Prevailing Wages in the construction industry. Both employer and worker organizations are encouraged to join this organization.

National AGC
The Associated General Contractors of America is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry-related companies dedicated to skill, integrity, and responsibility. Operating in partnership with state chapters, the Association provides a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members, thereby improving the quality of construction and protecting the public interest. All state chapters are connected on this site.

The Construction Industry Service Corporation is an excellent source for information on the union construction industry in Northeastern Illinois. The primary goal of C.I.S.C.O is to strengthen the unionized construction market, while reducing conflicts and increasing competitiveness. The corporation is labor-management at its best.

The U.S. Department of Labor website details laws dealing with employment issues. These include Davis-Bacon requirements for federal construction projects, wage and hour laws for overtime, child labor laws, pension benefits, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. It also covers the Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), which requires employers to insure safe and healthy work environments. This site is very comprehensive, with links to regulations, statutes, and compliance information.

Davis-Bacon and Related Acts
This site covers most questions regarding the Davis Bacon Act and the wage determination process.

The Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, apply to contractors and subcontractors performing on federally funded or assisted contracts in excess of $2,000 for the construction, alteration, or repair (including painting and decorating) of public buildings or public works.

State and Local Government on the Net

The State and Local Government Internet directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments.

While the content at each site may vary, it is a good initial source to determine what agencies and rules may be applicable to workers on state or local construction projects.

Illinois Department of Labor
The mission of the Illinois Department of Labor is to promote and protect the rights, wages, welfare, working conditions, safety and health of Illinois workers through enforcement of state labor laws, and to ensure compliance with all other labor standards. Contractors and workers are encouraged to file legitimate complaints with IDOL. Complaint forms are available at this site. IDOL also provides comprehensive information about the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130).

Indiana Department of Labor
The Indiana Department of Labor seeks to promote the welfare of Indiana’s workforce by administering a variety of educational and compliance programs designed to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to guarantee workers’ rights to safe, healthful, positive work environments, and the appropriate compensation for that work. Contractors and workers are encouraged to file legitimate complaints with the Indiana Department of Labor.

Complaint forms are available at this site.

OSHA “Workers Page"
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wants every worker to go home safe and healthy every day. OSHA sets and enforces protective workplace safety and health standards. This page was created specifically for workers with information about safety training and assistance.

Public Works Compliance
The website identifies, explains and simplifies access to the complex network of laws and regulations that govern competitive bidding and labor compliance on public works construction projects. It provides practical strategies and information, as well as links and navigational aids to useful web sites.

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JOBHERO: Employment Law Resource Guide

Whether you’re a part–time employee or the CEO of a major company, employment law is relevant to you and your workplace. The United States Department of Labor was founded in 1913 and, in its 100–year–plus history, has constantly worked to protect the rights and safety of workers across the country. Today, employment law is as important as ever, and if you’d like to learn more about it then you’ve come to the right place. Inside you’ll find more than 50 resources, including how–to guides, websites, articles and more, all of which can help you to better understand employment law and its many nuances.

JOBHERO Employment Law Resource Guide

I-Sight: 11 Types of Workplace Harassment

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