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Staff Spotlight: Marcus Jordan

Fall/Winter 2022

Marcus Jordan, DE&I Outreach Coordinator

Marcus Jordan joined the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (III FFC) in January of 2022 as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Outreach Coordinator. Within this role Marcus has the primary responsibility of creating comprehensive outreach programs in the construction trades, while also working with the Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program (ASIP) Training Site in support of IUOE Local 150.

With less than a year on staff, Marcus has already developed strategic relationships with numerous organizations and schools across our jurisdiction. From meeting with Angel’s Boxing Academy in Waukegan, IL to meeting with the Lawndale Christian Legal Center, Marcus has developed partnerships with influential community organizations and programs. His main goal is to connect youth to career opportunities at IUOE Local 150 and the construction trades. He has also attended various career fairs and expos in hopes of meeting more individuals face-to-face, while engaging in conversations about how to get more young individuals interested in joining a career outside of the traditional college career path.

Prior to joining the III FFC team, Marcus worked at the City of Waukegan, Illinois. During his 8-year tenure with the City of Waukegan, Marcus held multiple roles including Asphalt Maintenance, Operating Engineer, and as a Union Steward team member with a focus on wage and insurance contract negotiations. Prior to these roles, he worked within multiple supply chain and distribution capacities for KLOSS Distributing Company, serving the Lake County and neighboring Chicagoland suburbs.

Marcus is a social butterfly and is never afraid to talk to someone he does not know. All of his past professional roles have included a common theme of working with, relating to, and serving those from various diverse backgrounds; all of which have certainly influenced his role as III FFC’s DE&I Outreach Coordinator. So far, Marcus’ favorite thing about being the DE&I Outreach Coordinator is being able to build new relationships, educate, and help people from all communities with exposure to Operating Engineers local 150 and other Union Trades in the construction industry.

Marcus was born in Chicago and lived in the city until he was 5 years old. He and his family then moved to Dallas, Texas, where he graduated high school. When he was 19, he moved back to Chicago and started his career working for the City of Waukegan. In his free time, Marcus enjoys spending time with his family and dog. He also enjoys traveling out of the country, random impromptu walks, reading nonfictional books, live music, and creating memories with friends and family. We are lucky to have Marcus on our staff!

From the Fall/Winter 2022 Issue of The Monitor.