The Monitor

Salesforce and Why Market Share is So Important

Fall/Winter 2022

One of our most valuable assets as a fair contracting organization is our market share analysis practice. After spending the last decade improving our capabilities, today we are proud to be a national leader in the tracking and analyzing of public works construction projects. We track every relevant public works project awarded in our jurisdiction and carefully monitor projects performed by non-responsible contractors to pinpoint any worker abuses or noncompliance with local, state, or federal construction laws and regulations.

In 2020, we left spreadsheets and manual data entry behind and built a state-of-the-art, automated market share analysis system on Salesforce architecture. This system is updated in real time as new project data flows in and is reviewed and vetted by our own Construction Analysts. We have presented our system at conferences around the country, and we are pleased to report that it is truly the envy of the fair contracting community. Our peer organizations in other states have indicated that none of them have the advanced market share analysis capabilities that our system does. We have done extensive training on our market share collection to our staff and other organizations in the industry.

The main goal of our market share analysis is to track all public works projects across our jurisdiction, covering all of our counties in Indiana. Illinois, and Iowa. We keep a close watch on projects won by both signatory and nonsignatory contractors, with the ultimate goal of ensuring fair contracting across the construction industry. We know that partnership and information sharing is key to ensuring we can respond to the threat of non-responsible contractors gaining a foothold in the public works construction segment, and our market share analysis system is a terrific tool to advance that goal.

With our unparalleled market intelligence, we are able to provide data to signatory contractors, business agents, and organizers on upcoming projects. This allows us to notify signatories of significant upcoming projects in their region and get skilled construction workers on the public projects in each of our counties.

In 2021, we had a 92.5% of the market in our jurisdiction across Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. This means that our signatory contractors won 92.5% of the public works bids and Local 150 members worked on 92.5% of the projects in our area. The total amount of successful interventions by our team – including bid protests, back wages, liquidated damages, and penalties – totaled $32.8 million in 2021. This is incomparable to almost any other fair contracting organization – we truly do it like no other.

We will continue to be a national leader in the field due to our extensive, high-tech market share analysis that we perform in-house. The III FFC is the best in the business when it comes to market share, and we will continue to improve our data collection to assist Local 150 signatory contractors and members win essential jobs in our area.

From the Fall/Winter 2022 Issue of The Monitor.